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We design and develop high technology products blending innovative mechanics, electronics and IT solutions. We are makers.

Our design and development activity relies on our internal expertise and know-how. We’ve built many prototypes in our specialised workshop lab. When developing industrial products, we test and select the best manufacturing partners to outsource production, while assuring that quality is upheld to the desired standard.

Our staff includes a team of young and energetic engineers, skilled technicians, experienced mechanic, electronic and software designers with a proven track record spanning over 12 years.

 Design and development of PCBs;

    Including: microprocessors; signal processing; power electronics; electric engine drivers; telecommunication modems; embedded sensors.

 Mechanical design;

    Custom-made shock-and-pressure-proof vessels housing electronics operating in extreme environments, EMP resistant and EM emission standards compatible; movable joints for specialised robotic applications.

Measure instruments;

    Custom mechanical structures designed for force, torque and movement transducers; structural and environmental monitoring of buildings via wireless micro-sensors.

 Design and development of robotic applications for military and civilian applications


 Design, development and industrial production of consumer electronics


 Prototyping and testing of innovative solutions in industrial applications


 Proprietary line of software platform and hardware devices for sport applications


 Active membership in several Italian and European research syndicates dedicated to applied research projects


Our Team

Laureati in Ing.meccanica, Ing.elettronica,'automazione, tecnici informatici e tecnici di laboratorio con esperienza decennale


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